Today, we’re excited to share quick steps on how to make a simple pin-on corsage. We love making this arrangement not only because it’s a fun DIY project but also because it’s a fabulous way to add a pop of colour and festive flair to any special occasion without breaking the bank.

A beautiful pin-on corsage will not only complement your outfit but also scream, “I made this myself.” Now, why should you wear a pin-on corsage? Beyond the fact that it’s a stylish accessory, it’s a budget-friendly hack to elevate your look at baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, or any special event where a dash of floral charm is needed.

What You’ll Need 

If you’re ready to save money while adding a touch of floral elegance to your special moments, grab the supplies below and turn them into budget-friendly, stylish accessories.

  • Small flowers
  • Greenery
  • Shears
  • Stem tape
  • Pixie pins
  • Ribbon
  • Low temp hot glue gun (optional)
  • Clean food container (for hydration and storage)

Choose small flowers and bits of greenery, preferably hardy, as delicate flowers can wilt quickly. Our favourites include spray roses, mini carnations, and cushion poms. And nearly any greenery complements well.

Want to add a touch of elegance to your pin-on corsages? Go for approximately 3-5 small blooms each. Adding texture (baby’s breath or wax flower) enhances the overall feminine and sophisticated appeal.

How Do You Make a Pin Corsage Step by Step? 

Preparing for a special event or a wedding? This tutorial will walk you through the process, making it easy to create an elegant accessory.

Step 1: Pre-Cut Your Tape 

Cutting or tearing tape with flowers in hand can be challenging, so pre-cut the tape into approximately 3-inch pieces, one for each corsage. You can use green floral stem tape to hold everything together. Initially, the tape may not feel sticky, but stretching it activates the glue, causing it to stick to itself.

Step 2: Add Your Greenery 

You can incorporate 1-2 types of greenery into your corsages, with 2-4 sprigs creating a solid flower base. Trim off lower leaves to avoid interference with the tape, then pinch the stems together using two fingers to form a mini bouquet.

Want additional texture? You can add a baby’s breath or wax flower after the greenery layer but before adding the flowers.

Step 3: Add Your Flowers 

Next, add your flowers one at a time until you achieve your desired arrangement. Be ready to make subtle adjustments to the positioning of greenery or baby’s breath as you add the blooms. To create a visually pleasing and complete corsage, feel free to use approximately 3-5 small blooms.

Step 4: Wrap the Stems with the Tape 

Secure the stems by tightly wrapping the pre-cut with the pre-stretched tape around them. This step might be a bit tricky, and if the stems shift during taping, feel free to disassemble and try again. You don’t need to wrap the entire length of the stems, just enough to keep everything together. Using less tape will make it easier to conceal later.

Step 5: Trim the Stems 

Trim the ends of the stems to ensure a neat and even appearance for your arrangement. Leave the stems at least 1-2 inches long, providing ample length for the pins to secure the corsage effectively.

Step 6: Cover the Tape 

Wrap a beautiful ribbon around the stems, ensuring it covers the tape. Focus on covering the taped section, and you don’t need to extend the ribbon along the entire length of the stems. Opt for a thin silk or satin ribbon approximately 1/4 – 1/2 inch wide.

Depending on your preference, you can either wrap the ribbon around the stems and tie a knot or bow or fold the ribbon over for a polished appearance.

Step 7: Fold and Glue the Ribbon 

You can use a low-temperature hot glue gun to secure the ribbon without a knot or bow. Apply a small glue dot to the ribbon’s end, folding it over approximately 1/2″ to create a seamless edge. Place another glue dot on the ribbon and press it onto the stem, ensuring a secure and tidy finish.

Step 8: Add Pins 

Two pins are sufficient, although you might want to use three for added security. You can insert the pins directly into the ribbon, ensuring they don’t protrude on the opposite side to avoid any accidental pricks when handling.

Step 9: Hydrate and Store Your Pin-On Corsage 

Arrange the corsages in a shallow food container with a layer of damp paper towels at the bottom. Then, add another wet towel on top and seal the container before placing it in the refrigerator. Ensure your fridge is set to the warmest setting to prevent the flowers from freezing.

How Do You Pin a Corsage? 

While you can pin these corsages onto most sturdy fabrics, they may not suit certain dress styles. We recommend pining the dress to the bra strap for thin materials. You can use two short pins, angling one down through the dress first and then through the corsage. Then, Angle the second pin up to prevent them from poking through.

More Tips for Making Pin-On Corsages 

  • Set up a dedicated area for making corsages with all necessary materials, ensuring everything is clean and within reach.
  • Ensure stems are clean and an appropriate length for handling. Trim lower leaves to prevent interference with tape.
  • Make corsages 1-2 days before the event for freshness, and store them in a cool place until needed.
  • Keep extra flowers handy to replace any broken stems or fill gaps during the final preparations. 

Our guide has not only turned us into DIY floral artists but also catapulted us into the heart of a floral fashion revolution. Can we just appreciate that we’ve brought the runway trends to our fingertips and adorned ourselves with real, fresh flower accessories? So, whether you attend a casual lunch date or gracing a lavish wedding, your pin-on corsage will instantly deliver floral femininity and fashion-forward flair.


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