A wilted boutonniere is like a failed Wi-Fi connection, a total buzzkill. Imagine you’re about to slay the day, and your flowers decide to play the wilting card. But not on our watch. We give you easy tips on how to keep your boutonniere fresh and fab because, let’s be real, life’s too short for droopy petals.

Why should you care, you ask? Apart from earning major style points, a crisp boutonniere is a flex your outfit needs. Trust us, there’s no room for wilting vibes when you’re trying to make a lasting impression.

How Do You Keep Boutonnieres from Wilting? 

Tip 1 – Keep Your Boutonnieres in Water Until the Wedding 

The first rule of keeping your boutonniere fresh is proper hydration. Treat your flowers like you treat your skin – keep them hydrated.

Secure your boutonnieres in small bud vases filled with fresh water. Remember to trim those stems and swap out the water for a clean, chilly refill every day leading up to the big event. Your blooms will thank you with a burst of freshness.

Tip 2 – Out Your Boutonnieres in the Fridge 

Ever thought your fridge could be a floral fortress? Pop your boutonniere in the fridge overnight. The cool environment is effective in keeping those blooms crisp and vibrant. Just ensure your flowers have their own section away from fruits and veggies. We don’t want any ethylene party crashers ruining the floral vibe.

Tip 3 – Practice Proper Handling of Your Boutonnieres 

Preserving the freshness and allure of your boutonniere also involves proper handling. Flowers, being delicate darlings, demand gentle care to steer clear of damage or wilting.

  • Gently grasp the boutonniere by its stem or base, steering clear of direct contact with the flowers or foliage. Petals are sensitive souls, so touching them can leave behind oils or dirt, accelerating their wear and tear.
  • Avoid tightly gripping or crushing the boutonniere, as this can leave those delicate flowers looking less than fabulous.
  • Steer clear of rough movements or impacts that could lead to any unfortunate damage.
  • If you need to tweak the boutonniere’s position, do so with finesse. Carefully adjust without risking any bends or breaks to the delicate stems.

Tip 4 – Lock in Moisture 

Ensure the tape encircling the base of the flower is securely in place. Give the boutonniere a gentle misting with cool water, then delicately rest it on a tissue. Slip the tissue, bearing the boutonniere, into a lidded box or a corsage bag.

Maintain its freshness by storing the boutonniere in the box and placing it in a portable cooler. Keep it cool and moist until you’re set to flaunt its charm.

Tip 5 – Choose the Right Storage Container 

Selecting an appropriate storage container is critical to ensure the freshness and longevity of your boutonniere. Opt for a container with sufficient space to accommodate the boutonniere comfortably, avoiding any risk of crushing or bending the delicate flowers. Adequate space also promotes essential air circulation around the blooms.

Avoid containers made of metal or materials that could transfer odors or moisture to the boutonniere, compromising its integrity. The presence of a lid or cover is another key consideration. A container with a secure lid helps maintain a stable and controlled environment, shielding the boutonniere from excessive humidity or drying out.

Before use, ensure the storage container is thoroughly cleaned and free from any dirt, debris, or residue that could potentially contaminate the boutonniere. A simple wash with mild soap and water, followed by air-drying, sets the stage for a pristine storage environment.

Tip 6 – Don’t Expose Your Boutonnieres to Direct Sunlight 

Shield your boutonniere from the harsh grasp of direct sunlight to maintain its freshness and vibrancy. Exposure to sunlight can accelerate wilting and fading, so keep your floral companion in the shade for a lasting burst of petal perfection.  

How Long Will a Boutonniere Stay Fresh? 

Michelle Beller via alexandrak.com

Boutonnieres made with fresh flowers generally maintain their charm for a single evening of use. To ensure their longevity, handling them with care is essential, as excessive contact can result in heightened bruising.

With these tips, your boutonniere is ready to make a lasting impression and create memories as enduring as its freshness.


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