The dreamy floral arrangements you’ve been Pinning might be giving your budget a major side-eye. So, how to get your dream wedding flowers on a budget?

Floral arrangements often take up a significant portion of your wedding budget. On average, couples spend around $4,000 or more on flowers alone for small wedding parties. If you want to maximize your flower budget without compromising on that wow factor, we’ve put together savvy strategies to help you save money on your wedding blooms.

Tip #1: Go Seasonal and Local

When in bloom, do as the florists do. Opt for wedding flowers that are in-season and locally sourced. Not only does this guarantee fresher blooms, but it also keeps the costs down. Embrace Mother Nature’s beauty, and your wallet will thank you.

Tip #2: Opt for Greenery

Leaves are the new petals. Greenery is not only trendy but also budget-friendly. You can incorporate lush foliage into your arrangements to add volume and elegance without breaking the bank. Think eucalyptus, ferns, and ivy, as they’re not just for bouquets but also chic table settings.

Tip #3: Repurpose Ceremony Flowers

Another way to get your dream wedding flowers on a budget is by using double-duty blooms. If you’re having both a ceremony and reception at the same venue, repurpose your ceremony flowers. For example, you can move those stunning aisle arrangements to your reception tables to get more bang for your floral buck.

Tip #4: Choose Big Impact Blooms

 Size matters (in flowers, of course). Select a few statement blooms that significantly impact rather than splurge on many different flowers. Peonies, hydrangeas, and sunflowers are gorgeous, affordable choices that steal the show all on their own.

Tip #5: Negotiate with Your Florist

Don’t shy away from negotiating with your florist. Be honest about your budget and let them work their magic. They might have creative solutions or package deals to make your dream blooms more affordable.

Tip #6: Consider Alternatives

Thinking outside the bouquet will help you source affordable wedding flowers. You can explore non-traditional options like silk flowers, paper blooms, or even potted plants. These alternatives can save money and offer unique and lasting mementos for your special day.

Tip #7: Rent, Don’t Buy

Did you know that floral fashion is possible even without the commitment? Consider renting certain floral elements, like arches or large centerpieces. It’s an eco-friendly option that saves you from spending big on items you might only use once.

Tip 8: Dried Instead of Fresh 

Dried flowers effortlessly complement both vintage and modern wedding themes. You can achieve a distinctive aesthetic by including unique blooms, seed pods, dried grasses, and other enduring botanicals in sun-bleached tones with various textures.

Tip #9: Keep It Simple

Less is more, darling. Embrace simplicity and let a few carefully chosen blooms steal the spotlight. A minimalist approach not only looks elegant but also helps you cut down on costs.

Tip #10: Highlight Candles in Your Centerpieces 

You can try a centerpiece design that revolves around candles. For instance, consider a mix of pillar, taper, and votive candles accompanied by a few budding blooms in small vases. Since candles are typically more budget-friendly than wedding flowers, especially when purchased in bulk, they serve as an excellent filler. This way, you can still showcase your favourite flowers amidst a captivating backdrop of flickering lights.

What is the Least Expensive Wedding Flower?

We bring you a glimpse into some of the most cost-effective wedding blooms to assist you in maximizing your wedding budget.

  • Carnations. Versatile, long-lasting focal flowers available in a wide array of colors, perfect for bouquets and centerpieces year-round. 
  • Mini Carnations. Compact yet impactful, offering 3-5 blooms per stem. They make excellent secondary flowers with a vast color range, allowing you to use fewer blooms per arrangement.
  • Alstroemeria. Also known as Peruvian lilies, these tropical blooms offer multiple flowers per stem, providing an affordable option with a wide range of colors.
  • Mums. Hardy and long-lasting, ideal for budget-friendly wedding florals. Experiment with pompon buttons, daisies, or cushions in various arrangements.
  • Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila). A favorite filler for DIY brides, it adds a whimsical touch to any design. Pair with different flowers, or use buckets and mason jars alone for charming centerpieces.
  • Hypericum Berries. Unique texture and depth, available in various colors. Cost-effective when filling centerpieces and bouquets, perfect for boutonnieres and corsages.
  • Wax Flower. Unique filler with tiny blooms and evergreen-like foliage, ideal for adding texture to bouquets and centerpieces.
  • Statice. Tissue paper-like blooms provide interesting shapes and textures, making it a fantastic budget-friendly filler for floral arrangements.
  • Leather Leaf Fern or Eucalyptus Greens.  Cost-effective greenery options for adding foliage to floral arrangements. Pair with roses and baby’s breath in bouquets, centerpieces, and corsages.

Is It Cheaper to Buy Fake Flowers or Real Flowers for Wedding? 

Real flowers generally come with a higher price tag than artificial ones, offering a more natural and elegant appearance. However, they demand more care and are prone to damage. Meanwhile, artificial wedding flowers are often more budget-friendly and require less maintenance, although they may need more realistic charm than their live counterparts.

If you opt for the timeless allure of live blooms or the practical beauty of artificial ones, let your budget bloom with creativity. With these tips, you’re well on your way to achieving your dream wedding florals without the financial fret.

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