Have you curated the bouquet of your dreams or crafted an arrangement that could make everyone jealous? Now, you’re reveling in the beauty of your blooms, but there’s that nagging question: how long will this floral fairytale last? 

Many florists concur that, under normal circumstances, flowers should maintain their beauty for a solid 7-10 days post-purchase, contingent upon the specific variety.

Different Factors Impact the Lifespan of Your Flower Arrangement 

The lifespan of your blooms is influenced by factors that make each arrangement as unique as your Spotify playlist. Flower types, temperature, water quality, and light exposure determine how long those petals stay cheerful.

This duration might be slightly reduced in exceptionally hot conditions, but with some additional attention, you should still relish their charm for at least a week.

Pro tip: During elevated temperatures, you can store your flowers in your fridge to ensure maximum freshness.

Types of Flowers That Last Long 

Different types of flowers that not only bloom with beauty but also stand the test of time. 


Chrysanthemums are the marathon runners of the flower world, boasting a vase life of a whopping three weeks or even longer. Their wide range of colors and shapes makes them versatile, and in mixed bouquets, they often outlast other flowers.


Orchids, the epitome of elegance, grace your arrangement with sophistication. With proper care, Cymbidium, Vanda, and Phalaenopsis orchids can last two to three weeks. Keep them away from ripening fruit to ensure a prolonged bloom.


Classic and popular, carnations are not just pretty. These versatile blooms usually last at least two weeks and often push the limit to three weeks in a vase.


Lilies arrive in bud, ready to unfold their beauty in your home. They can grace your arrangement for 10-14 days with diligent care. Trim the stems and change the water every few days for an extended spectacle.


Hydrangeas are thirsty flowers, demanding frequent water changes. With daily refreshments, they can last around ten days. Want a bonus tip? Allow them to dry out for a few weeks for an extended lifespan, sometimes up to a year.


Iconic sunflowers, capturing the joy of summer, can last up to 12 days with proper care. Trim their stems and change their water every few days for a prolonged sunny disposition.


Roses, those timeless beauties, typically grace your vase for a solid 5-7 days. However, with the proper care, certain varieties have been known to extend their stay to an impressive two weeks.

Flower Arrangement
Christie Heimbach Photography via tarynblakeevents.com

Several factors can influence how long your flower arrangement lasts, from the types of flowers you’ve chosen to the environment they’re strutting their stuff in. But proper hydration, a little trim, flower food, and keeping them cool can help extend their lifespan.


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