Flowers have seasons, like the hottest trends on the runway. Booking a floral guru early, around 6-9 months before your event, ensures you grab the freshest, most on-point blooms. It’s like snagging front-row seats to the hottest floral show in town.

Why the early bird approach? Because crafting those centrepieces and bouquets takes time – selecting, prepping, and turning petals into perfection. But wait, there’s more. It’s also good to know “how far in advance a florist should purchase flowers for an event or wedding?”

Why Should I Buy Flowers in Advance?

Planning to snag flowers in advance to save time for the big day? You’re onto something. Opting for a ‘BIG YES’ on buying flowers the day before is a smart move. This allows you to perform some easy-peasy methods to help you preserve those blooms overnight, ensuring they stay fresh and fabulous for a special occasion.

When to Choose Flowers 

While it’s never too early to browse and find what vibes with the couple or event host, remember, event style might flip in a year. Once they lock in their venue, theme, and colours, it’s inspo time. Best window for flower picking: 1 year to 1 month before. Pushing it to a month is doable, but don’t stretch beyond a year; tastes might do a 180.

When to Order Blooms 

Placing an order 3 to 4 weeks before an event is ideal. Natural products, like flowers, can be a bit unpredictable, and some may have limited availability.

While flower shops keep many items in stock year-round, ordering too early (like 3 months ahead) might mean some blooms are out of season by the event. By waiting within the 3-4 weeks window, the freshest picks are available. Plus, it keeps the pricing game in check. Order too early for an April event in February, and you might end up with Valentine’s pricing. Waiting a bit ensures to lock in the best deal.

How Long Before an Event Do You Buy Flowers? 

We recommend getting your flowers 2-3 days before the big event. This time frame allows for ample prep, rehydration, and design work. Now, if the wedding or event coincides with a holiday weekend, play it safe and add an extra day to account for any shipping hiccups.

This precaution is especially handy if you’ve got long-lasting blooms or flowers that take their sweet time to open, like sunflowers or peonies. Extending the timeframe by a day is all good as long as you treat your blooms right.

How Do You Store Flowers Before an Event? 

Keep them in cool water, away from direct sunlight, and stash them in a cool, dry spot. Steer clear of breezy areas or places with a strong draft. Remember, cut flowers aren’t fans of a direct airstream any more than they are of direct sunlight. And don’t slack on the hydration front; even post-cut, keeping those blooms watered is a must.

When is the Best Time to Arrange Flowers? 

The sweet spot for arranging wedding flowers is the day before. Whether they’re chilling in a water-filled vase, soaking up floral foam, or wrapped in a bouquet with stems dipped in a few inches of water, they’ll stand strong overnight, no sweat. Post-arrangement, stash them in a cool, dry spot. And water, water, water – that’s the golden rule of flower arranging.

Now, for the morning-of heroes, like corsages and boutonnieres, they can handle a hydration hustle on the day itself. But if you whip them up the day before with some robust blooms, they’ll still steal the spotlight. Timing is everything; in flower language, it’s all about the H2O hustle. 

Florists, we know you’re the unsung heroes behind those Insta-worthy arrangements. And when snagging those petal dreams, timing is everything. Get those blooms on lock and avoid last-minute flower FOMO. Your clients will thank you for making their special day extra petal-perfect.


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