Ready to showcase your floral creativity and embrace modern mastery. Look no further than V Flower School. Our unique offerings go beyond the conventional, helping you craft one-of-a-kind floral arrangements for weddings, parties, and holidays.

Transform Your Passion into Art or Kickstart Your Own Floral Design Business.

From dynamic online workshops to immersive, hands-on classes, we’ll help you unleash the full spectrum of your floral talents with our innovative approach. You can join our specialised holiday sessions or elevate your skills with our bespoke floral design classes and training programs.

  • Quick Workshops for Floral Enthusiasts and Hobbyists
  • Event Floral Courses for Aspiring Florists
  • Private Workshops for a Group of Friends, Colleagues or Club Members

Why Choose V Flower School 

  • Modern Blooms, Modern Vibes: We focus on a modern floral style, guaranteeing that you acquire the latest trends and techniques sought after in today’s dynamic events industry.
  • Insta-Worthy Creations: Learn to create designs that not only make your heart skip a beat but are Insta-ready too.
  • Flexible Learning, Your Way: Busy schedule? No worries. Choose from quick online workshops or get hands-on in our North York studio. 
  • Passionate Instructors: We’re your floral BFFs, ready to guide you through every bloom and petal. We ensure you receive real-world insights, tips, and tricks beyond textbooks. 
  • Recognition and Certifications: Upon completing our programs, you’ll be awarded a certification. This gives you a competitive edge whether you’re pursuing a career or starting your own business.
  • Connectivity Advantage: Acquire valuable opportunities to forge potential partnerships and explore promising career avenues through our access to a network of professionals.

Fun and Inspiring Learning 

Discover your creative flair and take home a burst of blooms in these beginner-friendly floral design classes. Tailored to be less intimidating for newcomers and enthusiasts alike, we promise a day filled with enjoyment and inspiration.

We’ll introduce you to the world of diverse flowers and foliage and help you master the basics of floral arrangement, explore harmonious colour combinations, and gain valuable floral care tips.

Turn Your Passion for Floral Design into a Fulfilling Career 

Want to express yourself through flowers as a personal passion or dream of turning it into a professional journey? Our hands-on classes are your gateway to getting started or elevating your skills to the next level.

With our training programs, you can cultivate your distinctive aesthetic and master the mechanics for crafting anything from simple bouquets to elaborate grand-scale arrangements.

Enroll Now 

Questions? Ready to book a floral design class? Excited to work with stunning fresh blooms and seasonal greenery? We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out  at or +1 (647) 860 7401 and check on available dates.