You, surrounded by a riot of colors, with a bouquet that screams “Pinterest perfection.” Sounds like a dream, right? Well, dream no more because we’ve rounded up the coolest floral experiences in the city that are perfect for unleashing your inner flower power. We took the effort to help you meet the 10+ Best Wedding Floral Workshops & Courses in Toronto.

We get it; not everyone is a botanical Picasso from the get-go, but worry not. These workshops are like a floral crash course that turns your flower fumbles into a bouquet masterpiece. Imagine saying “I do” with a bouquet that’s not just flowers but a love story in every petal.

1. V Flower School 

Want to learn modern floral style? V Flower School will teach you the latest trends and techniques essential in today’s ever-evolving events industry. You can enroll in these workshops to confidently create stunning arrangements and navigate the dynamic landscape of weddings and events.

2. VintageBASH x Fleur School 

Passionate about flowers? Or want to create a show-stopping floral arrangement for your wedding or someone else’s? The collaboration of VintageBASH and Fleur School promises a transformative experience, turning passion into a flourishing career. You can seize the chance to develop your skills and unlock creative potential in wedding floral design.

3. Caprice Design & Décor 

Offering a therapeutic and enjoyable escape, Caprice Design & Décor invites you to a sensory journey filled with vibrant colors, captivating scents, and diverse textures, all while crafting something uniquely beautiful with your own hands. You can explore your creative inclinations or simply enjoy a soothing and visually enriching experience.

4. Wild North Flowers 

You can explore the art of floral design either in person at Wild North Flower’s downtown studio or from the comfort of your own home through their widely acclaimed virtual workshops. What’s more, you can join the private group sessions customized to fit your wedding floral preferences and requirements precisely

5. Hunt and Gather 

Interested in entering the business side of floral design? Hunt and Gather goes beyond the creative facets of floral design to address the intricacies of the business world. These consulting programs are meticulously crafted to guide you toward a harmonious blend of financial prosperity and creative success within the floral industry.

6. Canadian Institute of Floral Design 

Canadian Institute of Floral Design’s intensive three-week Professional Floral Design Program is a comprehensive experience designed to provide exceptional hands-on instruction and a deep dive into every facet of the floral industry. Whether you’re mastering basic design techniques, perfecting the art of handling and caring for flowers, or grasping the fundamentals of running a successful floral business, you’ll meet seasoned and certified instructors.

7. Botany Floral Studio 

Seeking a laid-back atmosphere during hands-on workshops? Botany Floral Studio offers an experience that is not only enjoyable but also personalized and inspiring, perfect for enthusiasts of wedding floral workshops. The workshops have a relaxed and approachable ethos, making floristry accessible to all.

8. Olivia’s Garden 

With a delightful blend of creativity and culinary pleasures at Olivia’s Garden, you can enjoy complimentary drinks and pastries while mastering essential floral skills in their wedding floral workshops. Want to craft a stunning vase arrangement, a whimsical flower crown, or an elegant hand-tied bouquet? These workshops promise a unique and immersive floral experience.

9. Toronto Flower School 

Toronto Flower School is your destination for tailored programs designed for flower farmers, event designers, and anyone captivated by wedding floral design. Whether you’re cultivating blooms or weaving dreams with event design, make flowers an integral part of your destiny with them.

10. Rikki Marcone Floral & Event Design 

Ready for a unique floral and design education journey? Rikki Marcone’s wedding floral workshops are crafted to be easy-going, interactive, and perfect for individuals at any skill level. You can experience an intimate setting with intentionally small class sizes, ensuring you receive personalized one-on-one attention as you bring your creative visions to life.

11. Bloom School 

At Bloom School, hobbyists and flower enthusiasts of all levels can join wedding floral workshops. You’ll become more familiar with floral design as each workshop provides fundamental tips and tricks, empowering you to create vibrant, seasonal table arrangements that reflect your unique style.

12. Blush and Bloom Flower Studio 

Be part of an intimate setting with small class sizes, hands-on learning, and a specialized focus on modern garden-style techniques at Blush and Bloom Flower Studio. The workshops cater to both aspiring floral designers and passionate gardeners alike. You’ll learn modern, garden-style techniques, acquire new skills, and develop a profound appreciation for floral design artistry.

What are you waiting for? Let your creativity blossom, make memories that smell as sweet as roses, and let Toronto be the backdrop to your blooming love story. Whether you’re a DIY darling, secretly dreaming of a career surrounded by blooms, or just looking for a flower-filled escape, these workshops have got you covered.


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