Are you a soon-to-be-wed couple seeking to personalise your celebration or the creative soul yearning to turn a passion into a paycheck? We’ve listed 10+ Best Wedding Design Workshops that will have you swooning and hashtagging #WeddingGoals in no time. Also, we’ve included some wedding design courses and programs, serving as the ultimate launchpad for your career as a wedding designer.

No more stress over color palettes or wondering if your centerpieces will be the talk of the town. From floral arrangements that will make your heart skip a beat to Instagram-worthy tablescapes that scream chic, these workshops will help you become the ultimate wedding design maestro.

1. V Flower School 

Ready to level up your wedding design game? Meet V Flower School’s expert team, which offers everything from quick online sessions to hands-on classes and even some chill holiday sessions and wedding design courses. They’ll be your guide, steering you clear of the usual industry blunders so you can strut into your wedding design journey like a boss with mad confidence and serious expertise.

2. Oudalova Events & Design Inc. 

Oudalova Events & Design Inc. is excited to have you at their workshops and teach and craft valuable moments with you. They’ll guide you through the ins and outs of wedding design, and they’re not holding back on the creating part. Moreover, they’ve got tons of companies and all kinds of tools. So, expect a wedding design armed with the best gear in the game.

3. Blush & Bowties 

At Blush & Bowties, the Modern Wedding Planners Collective training does not only focus on mastering the art of modern wedding planning but also elevates your design game. They believe the perfect celebration is a seamless blend of planning prowess and eye-catching design. They also go beyond logistics, highlighting aesthetics and creativity and ensuring you leave not only a pro planner but also a design virtuoso.

4. La Belle Fleur Floral Studio 

Looking for a space for blooming creativity and wedding expertise? La Belle Fleur Floral Studio offers wedding and event floral design workshops and is the perfect playground for those eager to craft jaw-dropping floral arrangements. These sessions cover everything from mastering color palettes to perfecting centrepiece arrangements and bridal bouquets.

5. Canadian All Care College 

While Canadian All Care College‘s event planning program covers a spectrum of gatherings, from meetings and conferences to formal dinners, parties, virtual events, sports, entertainment extravaganzas, and even destination weddings, there’s more to the story. Get hands-on experience designing events, crafting budgets, assembling dream event teams, formulating sales and marketing strategies, and mastering risk mitigation strategies.

6. Rikki Marcone Floral and Event Design 

Experience a vibrant take on floral and design education with Rikki Marcone. The workshops are a breath of fresh air—relaxed, interactive, and tailored for all skill levels. You’ll be in a cozy, intimate class setting, ensuring you receive personalized one-on-one guidance for your creations.

7. Thornhill Market Florist 

Are you a DIY enthusiast, a seasoned pro, or simply curious? The wedding design series at Thornhill Market Florist is your key to elevating your skills and creating unforgettable celebrations. From the basics of flower care to crafting bridal bouquets and boutonnieres and designing ceremonies and receptions, you’ll be more familiar with the intricacies of designing ceremonies and receptions.

8. Seneca Part-Time Studies 

Explore the fine art of wedding floral planning, mastering every detail from the initial client consultation to the flawless delivery and setup of the final product. With the Wedding Design Workshop at Seneca, you’ll go beyond the basics of floral design. This program delves into advanced techniques, equipping you to craft exquisite pieces for every aspect of the wedding, from the bridal party to religious venues and reception spaces.

9. Botany Floral Studio 

Based in Toronto and serving the entire GTA, BOTANY specialises in crafting unique designs for weddings, events, and all occasions. They bring fresh and organic designs to life, drawing inspiration from nature, whimsical gardens, and a touch of nostalgia. But they also share their passion through their laid-back and vibrant atmosphere for hands-on workshops that are fun, personalised, and downright inspiring.

10. Canadian Institute of Floral Design 

Want to master basic design techniques but also learn the art of handling and caring for flowers, navigate the intricacies of the wholesale flower trade, and grasp the fundamentals of running a successful floral business? Seasoned, certified instructors at CIFD ensure you’ll gain the essential skills needed for success in the world of wedding design.

11. The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada Inc. 

In this WPIC’s comprehensive course, you’ll dive into Lecture Theory, glean insights from Industry Speakers, get hands-on with our Practicum (in-person class), study at your own pace with Home-study, work on a meaningful At-Home Project, and wrap it up with a conclusive online exam. It’s a starting line for growing and launching your own event decorating and design business.

Saying “I do” to your soulmate or saying “I do” to a new career path? These workshops and courses are your guide and will inspire you. They offer the promise of turning your passion into a masterpiece.


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