So, you’ve walked down the aisle and tossed the bouquet. Also, once the last guests bid farewell and the wedding day concludes, you might ponder what to do with all the expensive flowers. How do you repurpose your wedding flowers?

Don’t let those wedding flowers fade away in the corner; it’s time to repurpose them and let the floral magic live on. We’ll reveal the best ways to give your wedding flowers a second act on the day and after your wedding.

How to Repurpose Your Wedding Flowers on the Day 

Flowers can be pretty pricey, and the best strategy to trim your floral budget is to repurpose the blooms from your ceremony to your reception.

Ceremony Install as a Photo Backdrop 

Flower walls, decorated pillars, arches, and floral moon gates create an incredible ceremony backdrop. You can move these features to the reception, like behind the top table or in a customized space with seating and props. Then, you’ve got the perfect spot for memorable photos with your guests.

Bridal Bouquet as Sweetheart Table Centrepiece 

Embrace the latest wedding craze by repurposing your bouquet on the sweetheart table. You can make your grand entrance, smoothly transition to the table, and place the bouquet in its designated spot. If the sweetheart table feels a bit crowded, put it on the welcome table. This way, guests can look closer and appreciate its beauty while signing your guest book.

Bridesmaid Bouquets as Extra Décor 

Give a second life to bridesmaid bouquets that would otherwise be forgotten on a table. You can repurpose them by placing them in vases at the bar or dessert table or incorporating them into the centerpieces on the head table.

Floral Pillars as Wedding Cake Display 

Floral pillars can add spectacular beauty at the church entrance, ceremony space, or altar. And you can extend their charm by framing your wedding cake display for sweet photos. Also, you can use them to adorn a guest book station or memorial table.

Aisle Décor as Cocktail Table Décor 

You can easily repurpose your wedding flowers from the ceremony, especially since they’re often 30 minutes or less. For example, you can reuse aisle decor on cocktail tables or in front of the sweetheart table. Larger pieces can find new life behind the head table, reception entrances, or around the cake table.

How to Repurpose Your Wedding Flowers After the Wedding

While you can repurpose wedding bouquet flowers for the reception, chances are you’ll still have surplus bouquets by the night’s end. Here are some creative suggestions for giving these extra bouquets a meaningful encore beyond the ceremony.

Wedding Favours 

Brides and grooms share the love by gifting wedding flowers as favors. You can place small vases at each table for guests to pick flowers. Also, you can turn it into a game by wrapping flowers in centerpieces and adding a ticket under one plate per table. At the night’s end, guests with the tickets under their plates take home a centerpiece.

DIY Dried Flowers 

Reveal your inner artisan and turn those once-fresh petals into stunning dried flower arrangements. Hang them on your walls, place them in vases, or even create a unique floral crown for your next Insta-worthy selfie.

Home Décor 

Your wedding flowers don’t have to be confined to the memory lane of your photo album. From DIY potpourri to framed pressed flowers, there are countless ways to integrate your wedding blooms into your everyday surroundings.

Seed Bombs

For the environmentally conscious couples out there, why not let your love for each other bloom in your backyard? Turn your wedding flowers into seed bombs and scatter them in your garden or a local green space. Watch your love story grow alongside vibrant blossoms, creating a natural and sustainable tribute to your wedding day.

Scented Sachets 

Tap into the aromatic side of your wedding flowers by creating scented sachets. Not only will these little bundles of joy infuse your home with a delightful fragrance, but they also make for thoughtful gifts for friends and family.

DIY Beauty Products 

Your wedding flowers can now be part of your daily skincare routine. Transform petals into homemade face masks, bath salts, or infused oils. Pamper yourself with a touch of floral luxury, and let the beauty of your wedding day radiate from within.


What to do with dried flowers after the wedding? After drying or pressing your wedding flowers, incorporate them into various crafts and decor projects, like candles. Grab votive candles from a craft store and secure each flower petal to the candle’s exterior using hot wax. Display these charming creations in a glass jar or on a pillar holder for a personalized touch.

Things to Remember Before Repurposing Your Wedding Flowers 

Navigating the transition from a church wedding to the reception venue can be a bit of a puzzle, especially if you have a grand floral centerpiece like a fresh flower arch. Crafting such an intricate piece takes time, making transportation and reassembly a potential challenge. To smoothly navigate this, consider the following three points:

  • Professional Assistance

Entrusting the movement of such a delicate creation to a family friend might not be the ideal solution. Instead, talk to your florist, stylist, or wedding planner well in advance. Discuss the feasibility of relocating the floral arrangement to a second location and ensure that experienced hands manage this intricate task.

  • Design for Flexibility

When discussing your floral arrangement with your florist, emphasize the importance of a design that allows for disassembly and reassembly. This way, you’ll ensure that the transition from the church to the reception is seamless and that your floral masterpiece remains as breathtaking as when it adorned the ceremony space.

  • Realistic Expectations

While the desire to have your floral masterpiece travel with you is understandable, there might be practical limitations. Consider the distance and time frame involved, as there could be constraints on how far and for how long the décor can be relocated. Set realistic expectations to ensure a smooth and stress-free transition.

By repurposing your wedding flowers, you’re not only embracing eco-conscious choices but also creating tangible memories that bloom anew with every glance. So, get creative, embrace sustainability, and turn those wedding flowers into a reminder that love is timeless, just like a well-curated Instagram feed.

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