Are you looking to spruce up your space, impress your pals with your newfound flower power, or just want a fun-filled, creative escape? You’re lucky because we’ve handpicked the 10+ Small Group Flower Arranging Workshop and Courses in Toronto. These workshops will nurture your creativity, turn everyday moments into floral masterpieces, and, of course, snap some envy-worthy pics for the ‘gram. And guess what? No previous flower whispering experience is required.

1. V Flower School 

V Flower School offers courses that are deeply rooted in a modern floral style, guaranteeing that you acquire the latest trends and techniques in demand in today’s ever-evolving events industry. Perfect for hobbyists, creatives, and anyone eager to delve into floral artistry through bite-sized sessions. These courses involve personalised and hands-on approach to exploring the artistry of floral design.

2. La Belle Fleur Floral Studio 

Join La Belle Fleur Floral Studio for a hands-on experience where you’ll learn the secrets of floral arrangement from skilled floral designers. These workshops are different from your average snoozefest as they’re informative, engaging, and, of course, hands-on. Level up your floral skills in a chill and inspiring atmosphere.

3. May Flowers 

Spice up your Toronto experience with something unique and creative. Be part of a small group flower arranging workshop at May Flowers, a perfect blend of fun and creativity. These in-studio workshops offer a chance to unleash your inner florist. They switch up their workshop series with each season, tapping into the beauty that nature unfolds.

4. Petals in the City 

You can bring the joy of flower arranging directly to your small celebrations with Petals in the City’s flower arranging workshops. Imagine Flower Bars at your fingertips, adding a touch of creative fun to occasions like bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, and unique get-togethers. You’ll craft your own fresh arrangements from a variety of flower options.

5. W Floral 

No more boring Saturdays with W Floral’s small group flower arranging workshop. They feature a variety of floral arrangements every Saturday. Whether you’re a floral enthusiast or just looking for a creative weekend activity, you’ll create fun and memorable experiences. You can choose between our 1 pm or 4 pm slots for hobby workshops.

6. Caprice Design & Décor 

Led by a skilled florist, flower arranging workshops at Caprice Design & Décor provide a guided journey where you’ll learn various techniques, from choosing the perfect blooms to arranging them in aesthetically pleasing ways and ensuring the longevity of your creation. Each workshop is a unique exploration, often centered around specific themes, occasions, or colors, such as seasonal centerpieces or holiday wreaths.

7. Botany Floral Studio 

With an easygoing approach to floristry, BOTANY’s workshops explore various themes, providing an immersive and enjoyable experience. You’ll use an unusual mix of materials and embrace an organic style, ensuring a unique and stunning outcome. Every session includes all materials, ensuring everyone leaves with their fabulous creation in hand.

8. Olivia’s Garden 

In Olivia’s Garden’s small group flower arranging workshop, you’ll discover essential skills in floral design. Enjoy a complimentary drink and pastry as you create a beautiful flower arrangement to take home. The highlights of this workshop are the Vase Arrangement, Flower Crown, and Hand-Tied Bouquet in a concise, hands-on experience.

9. Blush and Bloom 

Calling all budding floral designers, avid gardeners, and flower enthusiasts. This small group flower arranging workshop is crafted for you. Led by experienced instructors who share a passion for floral artistry, Blush and Bloom invites you into a setting where flowers become your medium of expression. Experience small class sizes with individual attention, providing a hands-on learning environment.

10. Rikki Marcone 

Rikki Marcone introduces a fresh approach to floral and design education. The sessions are easygoing, interactive, and suitable for all skill levels. With intentionally intimate class sizes, you receive personalized one-on-one attention for your creation. Rikki thrives on connecting with local creatives, fostering a shared passion for the arts.

11. Secret Garden Florist 

Discover your unique space and experience the art of floral arrangement at the Secret Garden. In your free time, master the skill of harmonizing flower color palettes and cultivating a genuine interest in blooms. With an array of seasonal flowers like peonies, hydrangeas, roses, Lisianthus, and more, create your own masterpiece. Your finished creation is a reflection of your newfound skills and is yours to take home, adding a touch of floral magic to your space.

12. Make Lemonade 

Wishing to be greeted by fresh, local, in-season flowers in your chosen color scheme? Make Lemonade’s workshop gives you a chance to craft a beautifully designed arrangement and get a unique vase to cherish at home. Also, you can use snips for your artistic creations during the workshop or take them home for an additional fee.

There are no rules in the world of floral design, only opportunities to let your imagination bloom. From crafting Instagrammable arrangements to adding a touch of nature to your surroundings, these workshops are your gateway to a world where flowers become your artistic expression.


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