Hello, floral enthusiasts and petal pals. Ready to bloom and vibe with the freshest bouquets in Toronto? Get your flower power on because we’ve got the ultimate lowdown on 10+ Fresh Bouquet Workshops. Whether you’re a budding florist, plan to DIY your wedding bouquet, or just want to level up your vase game, these workshops are the perfect blend of creativity and good times. From classic roses to trendy succulents, you’ll be arranging like a pro in no time.

1. V Flower School 

Fostering a vibrant community for flower enthusiasts and aspiring florists, V Flower School offers a fresh bouquet workshop in Toronto to develop and refine your skills. Be part of a professional yet inviting atmosphere designed to cultivate your passion for floral artistry. Moreover, this workshop infuses a modern flair into floral design.

2. Petals in the City 

Want to bring a flower bar and fresh flower arranging workshop to your events? At Petals in the City, everything needed for an unforgettable floral event is brought directly to your space. You and your guests will be guided through the fundamentals of flower preparation and care, followed by a hands-on lesson in arranging blooms in a vase or container of your choice.

3. Botany Floral Studio 

Ready to unleash your creativity in a relaxed setting, surrounded by fresh flowers? BOTANY invites you to a hands-on workshop brimming with fun, personalization, and inspiration. Each session features exquisite seasonal flowers and plants, emphasizing a unique blend of materials and an organic style.

4. Lou-Lou’s 

Led by one of our talented floral designers, Lou-Lou’s fresh bouquet workshop promises an engaging experience where you’ll learn the art of selecting complementary blooms, arranging stems uniquely, and ensuring the proper care for your blossoms. No prior experience is necessary—all you need is a positive attitude and an open mind ready to embrace something new.

5. W Floral

Floral creativity? Join W Floral’s weekly workshop classes featuring unique and diverse floral arrangements. Each week, discover new techniques and styles guided by our skilled instructors, ensuring a fresh and inspiring experience every time, including fresh bouquets.

6. Make Lemonade 

Escape the hustle and bustle and discover the therapeutic joy of crafting a unique floral masterpiece. Infusing sunshine into your birthday celebration, adding a touch of floral elegance to your bachelorette party, or fostering creativity in a corporate event? Make Lemonade’s fresh flower workshops offer the perfect retreat.

7. Olivia’s Garden 

You can experience a delightful blend of learning and leisure at Olivia’s Garden, where essential floral skills come alive amidst complimentary drinks and pastries. Plus, you can choose your floral adventure, including elegant vase arrangements, whimsical flower crowns, or stunning hand-tied bouquets.

8. Pictus Goods 

Unwind, connect, and let the beauty of fresh flowers inspire moments of creativity and togetherness. The fresh bouquet workshop at Pictus Goods offers a wonderful opportunity to bring together a special group of individuals, creating lasting memories while learning a newfound skill. Each session promises not only beautiful arrangements but also moments of shared joy and lasting memories.

9. Fern Shop Toronto 

Were you ever wanting to elevate your skills and creativity? Fern Shop Studio’s workshops are available either in the vibrant atmosphere of their new studio or from the cozy comforts of your own home. The power to craft stunning floral arrangements is in your hands, and their seasoned florists will make your learning experience engaging.

10. Pistil Flowers 

No experience? No problem. At Pistil Flowers, flower enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to seasoned hobbyists, are so much welcome. Dive into their workshops, where they cover essential floral design tips and tricks, guiding you to create lively, seasonal table arrangements. What makes it even better? They keep things fresh and exciting by regularly introducing new blooms, ensuring every session is a unique and inspiring experience.

11. Raven Blooms 

Raven Bloom’s skilled designers will guide you through the fundamentals of impeccable flower care, offering insights on selecting complementary blooms and crafting a garden-style arrangement that exudes natural elegance and simplicity. Once your unique creation is complete, it’s yours to take home and savor or share as a thoughtful gift with a friend.

12. Wild North Flowers 

Brace yourself for an exciting journey as we lead you in creating one of Wild North Flower’s signature hand-tied bouquets. Whether you prefer the lively energy of in-person sessions or the convenience of virtual workshops, the excitement of floral exploration awaits.

Beyond arranging flowers, these fresh bouquet workshops are about embracing your creativity, making memories, and adding a touch of floral magic to your life. Whether you’re looking for a fun date idea, a girls’ day out, or just some “me time,” these workshops are the answer. Secure your spot and unleash your inner floral designer.


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