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From online workshops to hands-on flower classes, wedding design courses, and floral business building, we’re your go-to destination for floral enthusiasts and aspiring florists. Join us and watch your floral talents bloom. Begin by selecting your path below:

Quick Workshops

Designed for Hobbyists & Floral Enthusiasts

Get hands-on with our express workshops, curated for today’s fast-paced world. Ideal for hobbyists, creatives, and anyone eager to explore floral artistry in bite-sized sessions.

Event Floral Courses

Comprehensive Training for Aspiring Florists

From mastering basic design techniques to learning the secrets of flower care & the floral business, we are here to guide you. It’s time to turn your floral passion into a blooming career.

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Private Workshops

Craft, Connect & Celebrate

The go-to choice for brand activations, experience gifting, team building, influencer & media events, and beyond. Join us and let the floral fun begin. Strengthen connections, and celebrate together.

Who We Are

Meet Your Team

Meet the founders, Kyla & Kyra, along with our amazing team of instructors. We’ve been in the events business for over 8 years. We kicked things off with a photobooth business and later ventured into decor and floral design.

We’ve had the privilege of being part of more than 2,000 weddings and events

In a nutshell, our mission is to support flower enthusiasts and aspiring florists in their quest to elevate their skills, all within a professional and welcoming atmosphere. Our vision? To give floral design a modern twist, making it as accessible and fun as the latest tech trends.

Maximize Your Floral Potential with Us

V Flower School Perks (You’ll Love!)

  • Modern Floral Style: Our courses are rooted in a modern floral style, ensuring you learn the latest trends and techniques that are in demand in today’s ever-evolving events industry.
  • Learn from Seasoned Pros: Benefit from our 8+ years of hands-on experience and thousands of events. We’ve made our fair share of mistakes along the way, and we’re here to guide you, ensuring you steer clear of common industry blunders and embark on your journey with confidence and expertise.
  • Vendor Connections: We’ve built an extensive network of industry vendors and suppliers. Some of our courses even provide you with a list of these valuable connections, helping you bolster your professional network and move through the industry with assurance.
  • Networking Opportunities: Enrolling in our courses gives you access to our network of professionals. This can open doors to potential partnerships and career opportunities.
  • Earn Certification: Many of our courses offer certification, giving you a professional edge and the confidence to pursue your passion in the industry.

Watch Your Floral Talents Blossom